Monday, February 27, 2012

Stay In Touch With Your Cat On Twitter

Ever wonder what your cat is up to when you’re not home? A new invention allows you to find out … by receiving updates on Twitter.
A new DIY project from America’s Make magazine called Kitty Twitty instructs you to install a sensor box into a specially made cat toy so that when your frisky feline bats at the attached Twitter bird — you receive an update via the social networking site. 
Creator Marc de Vinck says that the technique could also be applied to a cat’s bowl or cat door so your cat’s every move can appear between celebrity musings on your Twitter feed. 
The invention came about because Vinck’s wife constantly requested updates about their cat’s whereabouts when the two were home together. “She used to ask me for updates, but after a while I realized that I needed to make something that would take me out of the loop, and let the cat communicate with my wife directly via Twitter,” said Vinck. “I needed a Twittering cat toy. And that’s how Kitty Twitty came to fruition, after some basic soldering and crafting with just a few parts.”

Check out the Kitty Twitty:

Photo credit: Daily Mail